Lowest score ever for Federal Express Entry (75 points or more), highest number of participants (Breaking 2! Lowest score ever for Federal Express Entry (75 points or more), highest number of participants (27,332) invited

속보! 연방 Express Entry 사상 최저 점수 (75점 이상), 최대 인원 (2속보! 연방 Express Entry 사상 최저 점수 (75점 이상), 최대 인원 (27,332명) 초청

On February 13 at 11:56 Eastern Time, there was a lottery for Canadian Experience Class (CEC) designation during the federal Express Entry program.

To start with the conclusion, this is the first time in the history of immigration to Canada that such an unconventional number has been recorded.

The CRS score, which could normally be expected to be invited only when it was about 470 points, fell dramatically to a minimum of 75 points or more in this invitation. The size of Invitation issuance was also issued to a total of more than 27,332 people, which is several times higher than the usual 4-5,000. This score is actually a score that is hard to come by even if all items such as age, education, career, LMIA, etc. are set at the lowest level. If you only have English scores) and registered for the Express Entry Profile, you can see that virtually everyone has been invited.

This is a record unprecedented in the history of Express Entry. In addition, as the number of immigrants to be accepted for three years from this year has dramatically increased, there is no law that prevents these numbers from appearing in future federal Express Entry draws to achieve the set goal. Therefore, those who have planned to apply for permanent residency through “Alberta Express Entry”, as well as those who are preparing for AOS or have already applied for and are being reviewed, are expected to be able to proceed with Federal Express Entry as long as they meet the basic qualifications.

Since invitations have been issued on a historical scale, it may take a little longer to deliver invitations due to work overload. However, there is no need to worry more about receiving a late call. I sincerely congratulate those who have been invited this time, and I hope that all those who are preparing for permanent residency in Canada will have greater hopes as we have clearly reconfirmed the bold and aggressive stance of the Canadian government on accepting immigrants.

Federal Express Entry is often rejected immediately without correction or additional requests for submitted documents during green card review.

Therefore, even if you are fortunate enough to receive an invitation this time, please keep in mind that you must make sure that there are no gaps in preparing the application form and other documents.

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