Open immigration to Canada, Koreans are flocking.

열린 캐나다 이민, 한국인 이 몰리고 있다.

Currently, there are fewer and fewer countries where it is easy to study abroad. Even the United States, which symbolized the American Dream, must return home once the one-year work visa expires after graduating from college. In this situation, among North American countries, only Canada accepts immigration after studying abroad, so people who are thinking about immigration in Korea are always highly interested.

Then, why is Canada accepting immigration so easily, and why do Koreans prefer to immigrate to Canada?

Canada, the world's third-largest resource-rich country, has a land area of ​​about 1 billion hectares, nearly 100 times larger than Korea, but has a relatively small population of around 30 million. It is also called the slow life country.

Due to these factors, many Koreans who are tired of competition choose Canada as their second home country and wish to immigrate. It is possible to immigrate after studying abroad, which even the United States has blocked, so many parents prepare for the process of sending their children to Canada from early study to immigrate.

In the 1980s, the Korean economy developed rapidly and foreign investment immigration increased rapidly due to the policy of liberalizing study abroad. Since then, due to the strengthening of immigration laws, the number of overseas immigrants has decreased, but recently it has been increasing every year.

In addition to the United States, Australia, which has been a preferred country for immigration, is naturally more and more people considering immigrating to Canada due to strengthened immigration policies. It is a country with many advantages.

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