The best choice for immigrants to the United States, 'Study in Canada College'

영미권 이민을 위한 최선의 선택 '캐나다 컬리지 유학'

University courses in English-speaking countries, like Korea, consist of junior colleges, four-year universities (undergraduate courses), and graduate schools. Among them, colleges refer to junior colleges, and in Korea, there are 2-year and 3-year junior colleges, and recently, there are also junior colleges that operate 4-year intensive courses. Canadian colleges also offer 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year degree programs depending on major, so you can enter a junior college course in your desired major.

Studying at such a college is also the most optimal route for 'study abroad immigration'.

Anti-immigration sentiment from Europe caused by the refugee issue, Brexit, terrorism, and the Trump administration's anti-immigration policy, etc. Internationally, immigration screening has been raised and stricted. can do.

Among them, the country where immigration is easier is Canada, which has been and is still called 'the country of immigrants', and college study is one of the safest and most efficient routes for local employment and immigration in Canada.

Currently, there are only investment immigration or study abroad immigration, and investment immigration costs at least 100 million won. However, for college students who graduate from a 2-year course or higher, a 3-year work visa is guaranteed, and there is a very high chance that a permanent residence application will pass if you get a job and pay taxes while working for 1-2 years or more.

Unlike Korea, where even after graduating from a 4-year university, there is fierce competition from the entrance exam, and even after graduation, there is a bloody job shortage. It is easy and employment is confirmed before graduation, and the route leading to local employment and permanent residency is safe and certain.

Niagara College, located in the province of Ontario, where Toronto and Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, is a representative public college with three campuses in Walland, Ontario, southeastern Canada.

Niagara College's popular majors include baking, culinary arts, hotel management, hoteliers, physical therapy, dental assistants, broadcasting, security, programming, game design, and electrical/electronic majors. In addition, even if you are an international student, you can receive the benefits of free education for your children when entering the main course, and the free education of your children is fully supported during the conditional language training course before entering the main course.

Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), located in Nova Scotia, the easternmost province of Canada, is the best public college in Nova Scotia with over 120 departments of various majors and a total of 13 campuses.

Nova Scotia, which is surrounded by the sea like Korea, has a warm oceanic climate, similar to the weather in Korea with four seasons, and the temperature in winter is similar to that of Korea, making it a good place to live. Nova Scotia Community College also has a high employment rate after graduation, and since a three-year work visa is provided upon graduation, it is advantageous for local employment and permanent residency, and children can receive free education after entering the main course.

Lastly, MITT College (Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology) is a prestigious technical college located in Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba in central Canada. Winnipeg, Manitoba, is Canada's growing economic center and offers many high-quality jobs with good pay and benefits due to high demand in the industrial sector.

Unlike general public colleges that deal with the academic system, MITT College puts the employment rate first, so its academic program is structured around a practical practical curriculum and boasts a high employment rate of over 80% upon graduation with state-of-the-art technical education. Popular majors include automobile maintenance, computer engineering, carpentry, management and business, early childhood education, and design majors, and it is a public college where many international students as well as local Canadians attend.

In addition, there are colleges that are suitable for the purpose of study abroad immigration and have low tuition burden and are advantageous for local employment.

If you plan to study abroad with the goal of immigrating to Canada, it is recommended to prepare for studying abroad at the main public college of the state as above, and comparing and consulting various public colleges is the first step for successful immigration.

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