Warhol, English and Canadian Permanent Residence

워홀, 영어 그리고 캐나다 영주권

Getting a job in Canada as a working holiday takes luck as well as courage. This is because the annual number of Canadian Working Holidays is set at 4,000, and although there are slight differences every year, only 25% of applicants on average are selected as Work Holidays. This is a difference from Australia, which is becoming a representative target country for working holidays because there is no limit on the number of people.

The common concerns of Canadian vacationers are English, work, and career.

Each of the three items has a different aspect, but the beginning is always from English.

Life as a Canadian work-holiday person depends a lot on whether your English level is Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. English is crucial not only for your life today, but for your future in Canada.

The first problem that those who think their English level is beginner chooses Canadian Warhol and actually selects and enters the country is not a job, but difficulties in life. Although it resolves over time, it is difficult to make use of the many systems, facilities, and cultures that can be enjoyed or used in Canada, and lead to a confined life, such as living with food, clothing, and shelter, or using Korean travel agencies, Korean restaurants, and Korean marts. It's possible. It can be said that it is another life in Korea that complex problems can be solved only by relying on other people who speak English well.

After getting used to life, most of the targets of job hunting activities are Korean companies. Still, if I get a job, I can live a stable life because the minimum wage is higher than in Korea and there is an unexpected income called ‘tip’. It is absolutely not meaningless if these experiences become good memories and specs in your life.

If you want a better life in Canada for work-holidays with a beginner level of English, it will be helpful to take language training for a certain period of time upon arrival in Canada. However, this language training + Warhol package is not a very efficient method in terms of cost and duration. There is not enough time to study and not enough time to work. It is not easy to make up for expenses such as tuition fees and living expenses by earning money in Canada.

Here is an example of arriving at an airport in Canada as a worker with an intermediate level of English.

It can be said that this is the case of most Korean vacationers, but if you look at the actual progress, there is not that much difference from beginners. However, life can be a little easier and the time to find a job can be shortened.

You can try working at a restaurant, cafe or company where non-Koreans are the employers. There are not only service jobs, but also jobs at warehouses in the Greater Toronto Area, and you can find opportunities to make use of your career in Korea. And if you have an active disposition in human relationships, you can create many opportunities to start thinking about career problems because there is an expansive network in Canada.

However, due to poor communication, it is easy to miss many opportunities, and there are limitations in choosing a career path. The most dangerous situation is not being able to continue studying English because of work. Due to physical fatigue and stress, it is not easy to invest time to improve your English level. As anyone who has experienced it will admit, simply living and working in an English-speaking country does not automatically improve your English. You just get used to English, but it's not easy to have important conversations, arguments, arguments, or persuasion.

Combining work and English study in Canada requires great effort and determination. Many work-holidays recognize the problem of failing to raise their English level while working in Canada before the work-holiday period ends, and take it as a serious issue along with concerns about their career path.

Even if you go back to Korea right after the Warhol period, you will find that your undeveloped English becomes a burden on your mind and becomes a bigger stumbling block when you try to plan your future in Canada. For this reason, many work-holidays convert to student visas at the end of the workholiday period, extend their stay while attending language schools, and, if they want to acquire permanent residency, are creating English requirements for entering public colleges in order to get a job in a technical position or higher.

Some work-holidays challenge permanent residency based on their employment experience, which they could have done without having a high level of English. It is promoted as a provincial immigrant unskilled job category that is being implemented in some areas of Canada, but there are not many cases that actually produce good results, and it is easy to live an unstable life due to changes in the relationship with the employer and qualification requirements until permanent residency is obtained.

If you start Warhol at an advanced level of at least 6.5 on the IELTS standard, the situation will be very different.

If there is a job you coveted, you can always try it regardless of whether or not you succeed. As soon as you arrive in Canada, you have many options for employment and your post-Warhol career. If you want permanent residency in Canada, if you have experience in the field of professional technology in Korea, you can try to get a job at a company that can support LMIA based on this. If you do not have experience, you can choose a 1-3 year diploma or a 1-2 year graduate certificate at a public college after the Warhol period to build your Canadian academic background and set up an immigration plan using a post-graduation work visa (PGWP). there is.

Of course, even if I go back to Korea right after Warhol, the job experience I experienced in Canada will be a lot of nourishment for my job and life in Korea.

There are always thousands of Korean holidaymakers in Canada. If you fall under that category, you can be proud of yourself for showing great courage first. And we have to go one step further. No matter what stage your English level is, you need to reflect on what direction you will go from tomorrow and what kind of future the Warhol experience will serve as the foundation for your future, and take appropriate action. Because a year goes by so fast.


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