SIX professional technical jobs will accelerate immigration to Canada - medical professionals, civil engineers, and cooling engineers will be drawn this summer

SIX professional technical jobs will accelerate immigration to Canada - medical professionals, civil engineers, and cooling engineers will be drawn this summer

People with professional technical experience, such as carpenters, plumbers, truck drivers, and electricians, are expected to be easier to immigrate to Canada.

Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced on the 31st that he will select six new categories for Canada's representative economic immigration system, Express Entry, and soon draw candidates.

The draw, which is expected to begin later this summer, aims to help the government settle down immediately by granting permanent residency to skilled workers with experience in the most demanding jobs in demand. Fraser said he hoped the draw would bring new life to areas suffering from labor shortages in communities across Canada. The six new groups for the quick entry category draw included healthcare workers, scientific/technical/engineering/mathematics (STEM), trade workers, transportation workers, and agricultural and agri-food industry workers.

Fast entry applicants who wish to apply for the Immigration Department's job-based category lottery must have at least six consecutive months of work experience in the field over the past three years. This career recognizes not only Canada but also overseas work such as Korea. Applicants in the French Language Proficiency Category must score at least 7 points for all 4 language proficiency in the Niveaux de Competence Linguistic Canada.

The government explained that the six specific categories selected this time were selected through open consultations with working-level officials from various Canadian states, territories, industry members, unions and employers. Express Entry is Canada's leading federal immigration method designed to help the government bring skilled workers to Canada from abroad. It manages immigration applications for three programs: the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP), and the Federal Skilled Technology Program (FSTP), adding a category-based selection system to allow certain areas to settle in Canada more quickly.

Until now, the main criteria for selecting candidates who received invitations to apply for permanent residency (PR) in Canada (ITA) have been the overall ranking system (CRS) score. In this draw, the new category will take precedence over the CRS score, but Canada will continue to hold general and program-specific draws. Looking closely at the jobs in these six categories, the medical field first included hearing aid experts, Cairo fractors, dentists, nutritionists, educational counselors, general doctors or families, instructors for the disabled, licensed practicing nurses, massage therapists and exercise-related therapists.

The science and technology sector includes architects, business systems experts, civil engineers, computer and information systems managers, computer engineers and programmers, cybersecurity experts, and data analysts.
Trade-side categories include orginal commercial installers, elevator technicians, air conditioning/heating and air conditioning mechanics, construction mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, electricians (excluding industrial and power systems), and welders.
In addition, the transportation sector includes aircraft assembly technicians, transport truck drivers, railway controllers, water transportation, aviation coordinators, and railway engineers (female), while the agricultural and livestock sectors include landscaping and horticulture managers, agricultural service contractors and farm managers, butchers and wholesalers.

Details of the timing of the invitation and how to apply will be announced soon. According to Canada's Department of Employment and Social Development, the number of jobs facing labor shortages doubled between 2019 and 2021.

(Editor Ahn Young Min)

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