Ranking of Canada's Highest-Tech Workforce Cities

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Since the 2000s, Canada has intensively nurtured high-tech fields such as IT, and now high-level technical personnel are concentrated in major cities.

The article below is a local newspaper article showing the ranking of cities in Canada where these high-tech industries are developing.

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(Canadian Express 2019.12.04)

Canada's Top 10 High-Tech Cities

Recently, an increasing number of world-class high-tech companies are establishing themselves in Canada.

Canadian native companies as well as well-known IT companies with an international reputation are all making major expansions in Canada's major cities.

In the midst of this, global real estate company CBRE released its 2019 Canada High-Tech Workforce Report, which ranks the 20 best high-tech cities in Canada.

“The high-tech sector currently plays a very important role in Canada's commercial real estate market,” said Jason Kiselbach, managing director of CBRE's Vancouver office. Ranked by how it goes. It will also be a useful resource for real estate companies,” he added.

The following is the Top 10 high-tech city rankings in Canada announced by CBRE.

1. Toronto – 88.1

The top spot, of course, went to Toronto, which has a high-tech workforce of 228,500. Toronto received an A+ for both the quality of labor and the percentage of skilled workers (8.3 percent).

Between 2013 and 2018, Toronto's high-tech workforce grew by 54 percent, the tally said.

2. Ottawa – 73.1

Ottawa scored very well for its density of high-tech workers, recording close to 10 percent. Ottawa's rate is among the highest in North America as a whole. Ottawa has 64,500 high-tech workers, which is a good number considering it is an administrative city.

3. Vancouver – 71.4

Vancouver currently has 75,000 people working in the high-tech sector, and this number continues to grow.

Leading IT companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple are entering Vancouver one after another, and as a result, Vancouver has obtained an A+ in the quality of technical personnel.

The number of high-tech workers in Vancouver has increased by 42.6 per cent in five years.

4. Waterloo region – 69.4

Despite being a small city, Waterloo has 20,400 high-skilled high-tech workers, and the number of skilled workers has increased by almost 40 per cent over the past five years.

5. Montreal – 69.3

Montreal has the second-highest number of high-tech workers in the country, with 130,200, but the number of high-tech workers has increased by only 14.6 per cent in the past five years.

6. Calgary – 53.9

Calgary, which came in at number six, had a good A rating for the quality of its high-tech workforce, but was the only city in the top 10 to see a decline in its workforce, with its workforce reduced by nearly 7 per cent over the past five years.

7. Victoria – 53.7

Victoria, one of the smallest cities on the list, has a high-tech workforce of around 9,600, a number found to have increased by 15.7 per cent in five years. In particular, Metro Vancouver's lack of office space and high cost of living have contributed to Victoria's relative popularity.

8. Quebec City – 50.2

Quebec City received a B+ for worker quality and has nearly 28,000 high-tech workers. Their number has grown by 4.1 percent over the past five years.

9. Hamilton – 48.7

Although Hamilton is a medium-sized city, the number of high-skill workers has increased by nearly 53 per cent in the past five years and currently employs 18,200 people in the sector.



10. Edmonton – 48.2

The number of high-tech workers in Edmonton is 28,400, accounting for 4.2 percent of the workforce. The number of high-tech workers increased by 25.7 percent in five years.

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