Find out about cancellation (withdrawal) of admission to Canadian public colleges, change of major (transfer), and postponement of admission

캐나다 공립컬리지 입학취소(철회), 전공변경(전과), 입학연기 알아보기
In Canada, some of the students who enter colleges or universities for degrees, employment, or immigration find it difficult to continue their studies shortly after classes begin. This usually falls under the following circumstances.

- If the major program you have entered is different from what you had previously thought or consulted at the study abroad agency, etc.

- If the content of the class is too difficult and it is difficult to follow the progress due to low English proficiency

- In case of student visa refusal or approval is delayed at the beginning of the semester

- Other personal problems: financial problems, household chores, illness or accidents, etc.

If you have to stop studying from the beginning of the semester for various reasons, you need to request prompt administrative processing from the school, but there are many things that cause problems with your student visa because you can't apply in time or proceed without a proper plan.

In particular, if problems related to employment, aptitude, or permanent residency are raised at the same time as college admission, it is necessary to correct them quickly through consultation.

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