Find out the average employment rate of each college in Ontario, Canada (2009~2016)

캐나다 온타리오주 각 컬리지 평균 취업률 알아보기 (2009~2016)

Find out the average employment rate of each college in Ontario, Canada (2009~2016)

The graph above shows the graduate employment rate for each college in Ontario from 2009-2010 to 2015-2016.

These statistics were compiled by the Ontario Ministry of Education, and it is necessary to understand them on the premise that each province may have different methods and standards for producing statistics, as each province has its own policy on education.

In addition, colleges in large cities such as Toronto run many programs that are difficult to directly lead to employment, such as art programs, so it is difficult to simply compare them with colleges in small cities.

In addition, since the employment rate is different for each major, selecting a school based on the employment rate of the entire school risks falling into error.

From the perspective of international students who need to find the employment trend by major, especially the connection that leads to immigration, more careful judgment is required when choosing a major and school.

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