Smartphones, USBs, and laptops are also subject to inspection upon entry into Canada.

캐나다 입국시 스마트폰과 USB, 노트북도 검사 대상

To enter Canada, you must go through immigration at the border, such as at an airport.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is the department in charge of immigration inspection. If the purpose of entry is suspected, smartphones, USBs, external hard drives, laptops, etc., which can be called personal portable devices, can all be subject to inspection. there is.

Of course, not everyone entering the country undergoes these tests.

However, if you do not properly state your purpose of entry, act suspiciously, lie or tell contradictory stories during the immigration process, the immigration officer will immediately go into Detailed Searches.

Inspections are conducted in a separate room or location, where all luggage is inspected, as well as the contents of digital electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops.

Although it may be considered unfair as it is an investigation of privacy and personal information, Canada Border Services Agency reserves the right to investigate all information about suspected entrants.

Interpreters may be involved in the investigation process, but since they are all employees of the Border Management Service, it is not only meaningless to ask for help with anything other than interpreting because they speak Korean, it is meaningless and will only raise additional suspicions.

During the investigation process, if the information on social media such as KakaoTalk or Facebook and the purpose of entry do not match, it will be regarded as a false statement.

In addition, if drug trafficking or forged documents are found among the contents, disposition will be made according to Canadian law.

Also, if you have video, audio, or animation featuring minors on your laptop or external hard disk, you will be immediately arrested for violating Article 163.1 of the Canadian Penal Code.

In fact, every year at least one South Korean is detained right at the airport and tried in Canada for possession of child pornography.

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