Restrictions on entry into Canada and those eligible to enter Canada (as of December 3, 2020)

캐나다 입국제한 조치 및 캐나다 입국가능 대상자 (2020년 12월 3일 기준)

In order to prevent COVID-19, Canada has continued to extend the closure of the US-Canada land border and restrictions on entry of foreigners by about a month since entering the lockdown in mid-March of this year.

However, we are still announcing those who are partially allowed to enter the country, so if you need to enter Canada, please check if this applies to you and make a plan.

The current situation as of December 3, 2020 is in accordance with the foreign travel restrictions and 2-week self-isolation measures announced on November 29, which are effective until January 21, 2021. And land entry from the United States to Canada is restricted until December 21, 2020, and is expected to continue to be extended.

Beginning November 21, 2020, all entrants to Canada must submit information about their travel and two-week quarantine plans, emergency contact information, and whether they have symptoms of COVID-19 on the self-isolation plan app ArriveCAN or website prior to departure.

Persons eligible to enter Canada as of December 3

1) Canadian permanent resident or citizenship holder

no restrictions.

2) International students (Study Permit)

If you have a Canadian student visa or letter of approval and the school you want to study is a designated educational institution (DLI), you can enter most international students.

3) Temporary workers (Work Permit)

Entry permitted if essential: Entry is permitted if you have a residence address in Canada or have a valid job offer.

* If you need to find a job after entering Canada, or if your existing employer has suspended business, it is considered non-essential and entry is restricted.

4) Family (Visitor)

Most immediate family members of student visa holders and work visa holders can enter the country if they meet certain conditions, and must apply for separate entry approval to the Canadian Immigration Department before entering the country.

Citizenship, permanent residency holders and immediate family members can enter the country if they have documents proving their family relationship, and there is a separate application process for family members and couples other than direct relatives.

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