Things to check when applying for a Canadian student visa for the first time

캐나다 학생비자를 처음 받을 때 확인해야 할 사항들

hings to check when applying for a Canadian student visa for the first time

1) You must check if the visa validity period is sufficient until you complete your personal information and study.

Most students who receive student visas at the airport or at the US border think that immigration officials will give them the correct visa, and they get the visa paper without checking it and leave immediately.

Of course, in most cases, visas are issued as approved. However, since the whole process of issuing a visa is done by human hands, there may be mistakes.

A common mistake, not to mention basic details such as name and date of birth, is that the visa approval period and the visa validity period indicated on the actual visa are different.

Unless there is a specific reason, this is an examiner's mistake. If the validity period is longer than the approval period, there is no problem, but if it is shorter, the hassle and cost of extension application will occur as you have to apply for an extension again before the validity period expires.

Therefore, in this case, you must request correction, and if you are not good at English, you can request help from a Korean interpreter working at the airport.

In general, an additional period of stay of 1 to 3 months is given after the period of study, which is completely at the discretion of the examiner.

2) If you are a student entering a 1-3 year college or a 4-year college or higher, you must check if there is an expression that you can work at the bottom of your student visa.

Designated Learning Institutions such as Canadian public colleges and 4-year universities If you have a student visa obtained after enrolling in a main course program for more than 6 months, you can legally work in Canada without a separate work visa.

* You cannot work on a student visa obtained through the ESL program. Instead, the spouse can apply for a companion work permit and work.

This is a regulation that has been in effect since June 1, 2014, and you can work full-time for 20 hours during the semester and unlimited hours during vacation.

When obtaining a student visa at the airport of entry, most students do not check whether the expression “able to work” is properly written on the visa paperwork. In almost all cases, the immigration officer will automatically give you a visa with this expression, but in some cases it is accidentally omitted.

Therefore, when you first receive your student visa, you must check it as soon as you receive it and request a reissue on the spot if you do not have this expression. You cannot actually work with a visa that does not express that you can work. This is because I cannot get the SIN card required for employment.

If you find it a day or a long time after leaving the airport, you will need to apply for a visa amendment separately. In this case, there is no additional cost, but it takes the hassle and issuance period according to the application.

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