World Health and Safety Index (2021 Global Health Security Index) during COVID-19: Canada 4th, Korea 9th

코로나 시기 세계보건안전지수(2021 Global Health Security Index) 캐나다 4위, 한국 9위
The Global Health Security Index (GHS) is an index that measures and benchmarks the ability to respond to infectious diseases across 195 countries.

The GHS Index is a rating system jointly developed by the Bloomberg School of Public Health (Nuclear Threat Initiative, NTI) and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health and Safety, and was first launched in October 2019 with The Economist Impact.

The Global Health and Safety Index uses publicly available information to rate individual countries across 6 categories, 37 indicators and 171 questions.

The GHS Index objectively assesses factors critical to combating the spread of infectious diseases, such as each country's health risk, health system's adherence to global quarantine norms, and so on.

In this evaluation in 2021, Canada was ranked 4th with 69.8 points, and the United States ranked 1st with 75.9 points.

In Asia, Thailand ranked 5th with a score of 68.2, and Korea ranked 9th with a score of 65.4.

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