In the era of Corona, a gift for immigrant applicants with Canadian experience, Express Entry (EE) 75 points / 27,332 selected

코로나 시대, 캐나다 경력이 있는 이민 신청자에 대한 선물, 익스프레스 엔트리 Express Entry (EE) 75점 / 27,332명 선발

On February 13, 2021, today, there was a selection of Express Entry (EE), which was like a miracle beyond the breaking point in Canadian immigration history. The selection of experienced immigrant CEC applicants was made in about 3 weeks, and the lowest score ever, 75 points, was the selection score. Compared to the CEC starting score of 454 on January 21, just a short time ago, this is a score that no one could have predicted.

As a result, those who have a score of 75 or higher among EE applicants who fall under the Canadian Experience Class of experienced immigrants are all selected this time and can apply for permanent residency. Due to this selection, a total of 27,332 candidates, the majority of experienced immigrant applicants, are on the verge of acquiring permanent residency in Canada.

selection case

As in the case below, those who have more than one year of experience in Canada and English scores, and who have registered their profiles in the EE system, were all lucky to be selected today.

1. Kim Oung-nim: 23 years old, single, graduated from college culinary department in Toronto, received PGWP, and has been working as a chef at a Canadian restaurant for a year. Received a recent CEPIP score of 5 on each item. There is no Korean career, academic background, LMIA, and EE score is 300 points.

2. Lee Oung-nim: 29 years old, single, has a 4-year education in Korea and a 2-year education in Canada. I have been working as a bookkeeper in Canada for 1 year after receiving PGWP, and my CEPIP score is 5 points for each item. There is no Korean experience and LMIA, and the EE score is 342 points.

3. Park Oung-nim: 46 years old, married, has been working as an Administrative Assistant in Canada for a year with an open work permit. I have a Korean 2-year academic background, CEPIP score of 5 points each, and no Korean experience or LMIA. The EE score, not including the spouse score, is 163.

4. Seoung-nim: 48 years old, married, has been working as a food service supervisor in Canada for a year with an open work permit. I have a Korean high school diploma, 5 points in each CEPIP score, and no Korean career or LMIA. The EE score, not including the spouse score, is 87.

What is Canadian Experience Class (CEC)?

In order to register your profile in the Express Entry system, you must meet the minimum requirements for at least one program among CEC, FSW, and FST. Among them, experienced immigrants to Canada have the simplest application qualifications.

1. Within 3 years from the time of application for EE, at least 1 year of Canadian full-time work experience in NOC 0, A, B occupation group or equivalent part-time work experience

2. During the above career, NOC 0 and A occupational groups have CLB 7 or higher (IELTS 6.0, CEPIP 7.0), and NOC B occupational groups have CLB 5 or higher (IELTS 5.0, CEPIP 5.0) or higher English test scores

Canada last year announced a plan to accommodate new immigrants that will be held for three years until 2023 as it experienced many changes in immigration policy due to Corona 19. Today's unconventional and exceptional selection score reaffirms IRCC's commitment to accepting 401,000 new immigrants in 2021 alone. In addition, today's attempt also means that Express Entry will continue to be Canada's most important immigration program in the future.

The reason why only applicants with CEC qualifications were selected with low scores this time is that CEC applicants with a minimum application requirement of at least one year of experience in Canada are already settled in Canada and are currently working or currently living in Canada, so due to the COVID-19 pandemic This is because their role is absolutely essential in overcoming and recovering from Canada's economic crisis.

Moreover, as the entry of foreigners into Canada continues to be difficult due to mutant viruses, etc., it can be seen that it contains the hope that applicants already settled in Canada will stay longer and become the driving force behind Canada's economic recovery.

future prospects

As virtually all CEC applicants currently registered in the Express Entry system are selected due to extremely low scores and a large number of selections today, making it possible to apply for permanent residency, for the time being, EE selection will be conducted with high scores, centering on FSW applicants who can do without Canadian experience. Most likely. But even so, EE scores this year are unlikely to reach the 470s they sustained in the second half of 2020, as the overall number of applicants has declined.

Meanwhile, there is a possibility that the new selection of CEC applicants, which was conducted with extremely low scores, will be conducted with low scores again like this time.

“Opportunities come to those who are prepared.” This is a maxim that we have consistently emphasized since last year.

The above adage is really appropriate for those of you who are currently in Canada seeking permanent residency. For Express Entry through CEC, 1 year of full-time Canadian employment experience and English scores are the basic application requirements, and as can be seen from today's case, the EE selection score can be lowered to an unexpected level at any time.

- If you are currently attending a Canadian college or university, please do not stop your studies and graduate normally to start working in Canada as soon as possible.

- If you are planning to enter a Canadian college for immigration, please do not postpone it any longer.

- Even if you have a low score, if you are a person who meets the basic requirements for CEC, please enter the immigration application process through EE profile registration without delay.

- If you are a state immigration or other federal immigration, please consult with an expert to find a way to emigrate through EE.


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