In the era of Corona, how to prepare for participation in Canadian college classes and admission?

코로나 시대, 캐나다 컬리지 수업참가와 입학준비를 어떻게 할 것인가?

In the era of the global corona pandemic, those who are planning to enter a Canadian university (college), obtain a work visa (PGWP) through it, and acquire permanent residency are currently in a very different environment.

Above all, since the risk of corona infection is greater in most countries than in Korea, I am wondering whether I should accept this and proceed with studying abroad. In addition, a new study environment has been created, such as immigration restrictions on foreigners, 14-day quarantine, and visa issuance restrictions, so a strategy to actively utilize the current situation to prepare more effectively is needed.

You already have a valid Canadian student visa

It would be nice to be in Korea, an advanced country in quarantine, but the corona situation is now becoming a long-term daily routine around the world, so if you already have a student visa that allows you to enter Canada, of course it is much more advantageous to be in Canada.

This is because living in Canada is essential to making Canadian connections, developing language skills, and adapting. Also, even if it is an online class, there will be limitations in continuing to study in Korea, which has a time zone opposite to Korea.

Above all, if the situation in Korea or Canada changes again, even if you have a valid visa, you may not be able to enter Canada at all, so if you have a plan in Canada, the position you need to stand now is Canada. In fact, international students currently in Canada are enjoying more opportunities to study and work in places where many foreigners and international students have left, as well as lower rental rates.

You have applied for a Canadian student visa but have not yet been finalized

As of September 23, 2020, all new student visas applied for outside of Canada since mid-March have yet to be finalized. Instead, new applicants will most likely have received a Phase 1 approval letter to ensure that attending online classes in their home country will not affect the PGWP.

Nevertheless, there are many people who delay the start of classes because online classes are inconvenient or because the tuition they paid is a waste. If you postpone the start of classes in combination with other personal plans or if you cannot participate in classes without final approval of a student visa for entry into Canada because it is a hybrid class, it is unavoidable. need to think about.

This is because one of the important purposes of entering a Canadian college is to obtain a work visa after graduation, and if we anticipate job shortages in the industry as a whole that will occur in Canada soon after the end of the corona crisis, we may miss out on a great opportunity in the future with small gains today. because there is

Basically, the Canadian economy has a structure that can grow only when there is a continuous influx of external manpower. If you are preparing to face job opportunities through your Canadian studies when everyone else is leaving, you may find good jobs waiting for you after graduation in the economic boom that will be created in the future.

If you have any preparations to meet the admission requirements

The most important entry requirement for admission to Canadian colleges is, above all, English. There are ways to meet this English requirement, such as obtaining an official English score such as TOEFL or IELTS, completing a college ESL course, or completing a language school pathway course.

The reality that it is difficult to enter Canada due to Corona can be a great opportunity for those who are preparing to meet the college entrance requirements.

1. Obtaining an official English score

In addition to the TOEFL and IELTS, we recommend Duolingo, which allows you to take the test at a low cost. Most universities in Canada reflect the results of an online test called Duolingo in their admissions process, considering the current situation where it is difficult to take the traditional English test in many countries around the world.

This is a temporary implementation until the corona situation is over, so if you are planning to enter a Canadian college, you need to pay attention at least once. The advantage is that the cost of the test is low and you can take it at any time from home. Most Canadian college programs require a Duolingo score of 105 or higher for admission.

Of course, if you have already studied the TOEFL or IELTS, it is good to continue, and if you have never taken the test, it is necessary to check your level of preparation by taking the test at this opportunity. The test results are valid for 2 years, so you can apply for college admission without taking a separate test, or use them when arranging level classes for college ESL programs or language school pathway programs.

2. Use of online pathway (conditional admission) program at private language institutes

When enrolling in certain programs at large language schools in Toronto and other large Canadian cities, you can conditionally receive your College Admission Letter in advance.

Conditional admission through the Pathway program is one of them. Currently, most of the language school's Pathway programs are conducting online classes, so you can participate even if you are not in Canada. All courses, including level tests, are being conducted remotely, and tuition is currently very affordable, so it will be a great help for those who want to meet the English language requirements to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Pathway Program is a professional program systematically designed to help you study more efficiently, focusing on the requirements for college classes, so it is a good program for those who want to concentrate on English study.

3. Preparation for admission requirements such as mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry

Some Canadian college programs, such as medical and engineering, require math and science scores.If your high school math and science scores are low, or if you don't have any grades for a particular subject, it's a good idea to take this opportunity to earn credit for that subject online in Korea. However, there are matters to be aware of when obtaining Canadian high school credits, so please make sure to proceed with a separate consultation.

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