Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) application for 18 months extension is possible

코로나19로 인해 고용 불이익 받은 캐나다 졸업 후 취업비자 PGWP (Post-Graduation Work Permit) 18개월 연장신청 가능

On January 8, 2021, Canada's Immigration and Immigration Department (IRCC) announced that it could apply for an additional open work permit if its visa expires or is about to expire among PGWP holders who can graduate from colleges and universities in Canada.

The newly extended work visa is valid for 18 months, and applications can be made from January 27th to July 27th, 2021. The specific application method will be announced on January 27th.

Eligible applicants are those who meet the following conditions.

1) You have a PGWP that has expired on or after January 30, 2020, or is due to expire within 4 months from the date of application;

2) Residing in Canada at the time of application;

3) You must have a valid legal visa.

The Federal Immigration Department said that about 6,100 people whose PGWP expired in the past year from January to December 2020, half of whom have already become permanent residents or have applied for permanent residency. Of these, those who have become permanent residents or applied for permanent residency are all cases that have graduated from college in Canada and have been employed based on their career in Canada using their PGWP status.

This measure has the meaning of relieving graduates who have PGWP but have not had a proper job opportunity due to COVID-19 or have not satisfactorily filled the Canadian work experience required for immigration application due to a change in their employment status.

This is good news to comfort those who are experiencing a lot of difficulties due to Corona while staying in Canada as a PGWP, and it will be a great stepping stone to create new opportunities during the post-COVID economic recovery.

Details of the announcement can be found through the link below.

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