Notes on applying for PGWP (Post-Graduation Employment Visa) during the COVID-19 pandemic

코로나19 대유행 시기 PGWP (졸업후 취업비자) 신청 유의사항

Through 2020, which was difficult for everyone, many students are ahead of college and college graduation in April 2021. In shock and chaos after the lockdown in March last year, classes in many schools have been switched online, and some have been canceled or postponed. As a result, now, non-face-to-face classes have become commonplace, and students who take classes in their home countries after leaving Canada account for the majority. As a result, students attending Canadian colleges or universities have various concerns and questions about the qualifications and issuance of the PGWP application, which is the first step in obtaining a job in Canada and obtaining permanent residency due to the changed class method.

On January 27, 2021, Immigration and Immigration Canada implemented a drastic measure to extend the validity period by an additional 18 months for PGWP holders whose employment was affected by COVID-19. This proves that the government values ​​those who want to immigrate based on their Canadian education and work experience in Canada. However, this does not mean that PGWP is issued unconditionally to students who do not comply with the basic requirements and the period is extended.

The basic requirements that must be followed when applying for the PGWP are: 1) You must apply within 180 days of receiving the credits for the last course of the last semester. 2) Also, if the applicant resides in Canada, they must have a valid student visa or visitor visa. After extending your visa, you can apply for PGWP even if you are in Implied Status. 3) In addition, students must graduate from a school where PGWP can be issued, and must maintain full-time student status during the entire school year. Exceptionally, in the last semester, you can apply for PGWP even if you take part-time classes.

PGWP application requirements for students impacted by COVID-19

Below are the PGWP application criteria for students impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. These students are students who have been studying since March 2020, when lockdown began in Canada, or students who have started or are planning to start classes between March 2020 and September 2021.

1) If you studied while staying in Canada

Students who have been switched from classroom classes to online classes due to COVID-19 or who have been involuntarily taken a leave of absence or converted to part-time students due to cancellation of programs and courses from January to August 2020 can apply for PGWP without any problems. Voluntary leave of absence and voluntary part-time conversion do not apply to this, and you must have studied as a full-time student from September 2020.

2) If you studied online outside of Canada

In this case, students must have a student visa or student visa approval letter for the period of study while meeting the basic requirements for PGWP application. Students who apply for a student visa prior to the start of classes for the first semester and start classes online before being approved will be accepted without issue.


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