Excluding those who already have a student visa or work visa for those subject to entry bans in Canada due to the spread of COVID-19

코로나19 확산에 따른 캐나다 입국금지 대상자에 학생비자, 취업비자 이미 있는 경우 제외

On March 18, to prevent the spread of Corona 19, the Canadian Federal Immigration Department, which imposed a full foreign entry ban, announced an additional 'exceptional entry' rule on March 20.

Accordingly, from March 26th, the following persons are allowed to enter Canada. However, after entering Canada, a 14-day self-isolation period is mandatory.

- Seasonal agricultural workers, fishery workers, caregivers and all other temporary foreign workers
- International students who hold a valid student visa or have been granted a student visa when the travel restrictions went into effect on March 18, 2020

Immigration and Immigration Canada recommends that those planning to enter Canada check the federal government's website from time to time before booking flight tickets as entry measures for foreign nationals may change from moment to moment depending on the coronavirus situation.

Therefore, if you are currently a student who has applied for and is approved for a student visa outside of Canada, you need to understand the situation until a separate measure is taken.

Foreign workers, international students, and visitors currently residing in Canada who are on a temporary visa can apply for a visa extension online. In addition, students who have completed their courses through online alternative classes, which are being implemented at most universities, can apply for the ‘Post-Graduate Employment Visa (PGWP)’ online while staying in Canada.
It is not possible to apply at the US border or airport, and biometrics are currently not available in Canada.

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