Current status of entry ban and entry restrictions for Koreans by the Canadian government due to the spread of COVID-19

코로나19 확산에 따른 캐나다 정부의 한국인 입국금지, 입국제한 조치 현황

With the worldwide spread of COVID-19, people who want to leave Korea for Canada are getting more and more curious about Canada's entry restrictions.

In conclusion, as of March 9, 2020, the Canadian government has not announced any entry restrictions for Koreans. Below is the information on the official website of the Government of Canada and all of the measures related to COVID-19 against Koreans.

On February 28, the Canadian government announced a level 3 travel advisory (Avoid non-essential travel) for Koreans departing from Canada for Daegu and Cheongdo only, but no additional measures have been taken since then. I haven't taken either. Even though there are a lot of entry restrictions and bans on Koreans in March, the Canadian government's position is still the same.

Regarding this, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made it clear at a press conference on March 5 that reacting automatically to events will not help prevent the spread of the virus. This was in response to a reporter's question asking Canada to clarify its position on the fact that the number of countries banning or restricting the entry of Korean visitors increased to 99 as the Australian government added Korea to the list of countries subject to entry bans.

Furthermore, the Canadian government has decided to help applicants' convenience by greatly easing or extending the process period in countries where changes in visa screening-related office operations, such as Korea and Biomatrix, are expected.

Meanwhile, Korean Air and Air Canada flights have been drastically reduced due to a sharp drop in travel and visitors, including Koreans who want to leave Korea from Canada, and direct flights to Toronto will be suspended for the time being from the end of March.

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