Approval of new student visas for primary, secondary, and university schools in Ontario, including Toronto, and resumption of entry into Canada

토론토 등 온타리오주 초중고 학교, 대학 신규 학생비자 승인 및 캐나다 입국 재개

In the meantime, most of the new student visa approvals for schools in Ontario, which were temporarily suspended due to the Corona 19 incident, have now resumed.

On November 17, 2020, the Canadian Department of Immigration and Immigration announced the approval and entry of student visas to study at all elementary, middle and high schools and universities in Ontario. Ontario, which has the most elementary, middle, and high schools and universities in Canada, has been delayed in new student visa approval and entry into Canada compared to other provinces, but from now on, it is possible.

It is expected that some universities and language schools that have not yet been approved will soon be able to issue student visas.

Instead of issuing a new student visa and entering Canada, the 14-day self-isolation regulations must be strictly followed, and a plan for this must be entered and submitted through the ArriveCan app before departure. Also, to enter Canada with a student visa, you must bring the following documents and present them to the immigration officer.

- hagsaengbija seung-inleteo

- hagsaengbija seung-in ganeung haggyoui ibhagheogaseo

- jaejeongjeungmyeongseo

alae naeyong-eun kaenada yeonbang-iminbu saiteue nawa issneun kaenada ibguggwanlyeon naeyong-ibnida.
- Student visa approval letter

- A letter of admission from a school that can accept student visas

- financial certificate

The information below is related to immigration to Canada from the website of the Department of Immigration and Immigration Canada.

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