Even if you take online classes in Korea for all semesters, you can issue a work visa (PGWP) after graduating from a Canadian university - announced by the Ministry of Immigration and Immigration Canada

한국에서 온라인으로 모든 학기 수업 들어도 캐나다 대학졸업 후 취업비자(PGWP) 발급 가능 - 캐나다연방이민부 발표

On February 12, 2021, the Department of Immigration and Immigration Canada announced new post-university work visa standards. The Canadian Federal Immigration Department has drastically relaxed the criteria for issuing a work visa (PGWP) after graduation for international students, allowing them to complete the course online in their home country without entering Canada.

This is a measure to drastically relax the existing regulations in view of the reality that it is not easy to enter Canada in the face of the Corona 19 incident. is to do it.

PGWP is a system that allows international students who have studied for more than 8 months at public colleges, 4-year universities, and graduate programs in Canada to legally work in Canada for up to 3 years. can create a foundation for


With this measure, students entering Canadian universities in situations where entry into Canada is not convenient due to quarantine conditions such as self-isolation and corona testing will not be disadvantaged by the PGWP even if their entry into Canada is delayed as much as possible until the corona crisis is over.

This measure applies to students entering September 2021.


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