Canada's foreign entry restrictions extended through July 31, 2020

2020년 7월 31일까지 연장된 캐나다의 외국인 입국제한 조치

The number of corona19 confirmed cases in Canada has recently decreased significantly, and each province is proceeding with the phased lifting of emergency measures to resume economic activities.

However, following the extension of the US-Canada border closure measures, it was announced on June 30 that the entry restrictions for foreigners will remain in effect until July 31. The two-week self-isolation requirement has also been extended until August 31 for people entering Canada from abroad, including citizens, permanent residents, holders of work and some student visas.

The thing to note is that even if you have a valid visa to enter Canada, the regulations on entry restrictions that have been extended for another month this time limit the entry of foreigners who do not have an essential reason for entering Canada.

Therefore, it is important to remember that even if you are exempt from entry restrictions in Canada, you may be prevented from departing from a Korean airport depending on circumstances. In other words, if you have a study permit that has already been issued, or if your study permit was approved before March 18, you are exempt from entry ban, but all language institutes are currently conducting online classes, and colleges and 4-year universities are starting their semesters in September. Since there is still time left, their entry into Canada is not considered a mandatory entry. In addition, even if a work permit is issued or approved and there is a job offer, entry into the country is restricted if the business of the Canadian employer you are currently working for is closed due to corona.

Meanwhile, according to a recent report, the EU lifted entry restrictions for some countries, such as Korea and Canada, where the spread of Corona 19 is somewhat controlled from July. Canada is more conservative than that, and Canadians are generally in favor of the extension of the travel restrictions, even though it does not help the Canadian economy. This is because we are seeing many countries where hasty reopening of economic activities and border openings make things worse.

However, since September is the new semester, many international students are waiting to enter Canada, so at least before September, nationals of some countries, such as the EU, may be able to lift entry restrictions first.

In addition, after the COVID-19 crisis was over with the development of vaccines and treatments, more foreign workers are needed to recover the Canadian economy, and the Canadian government has an active will. It seems that there is a higher possibility of a favorable phase for acquiring permanent residency than before.

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