Classroom classes at Canadian universities, elementary, middle and high schools, and language institutes that will gradually resume from the September 2021 semester

2021년 9월 학기부터 점차 재개되는 캐나다 대학, 초중고 학교, 어학원의 교실수업

In September 2021, classes at all levels of schools, such as Canadian 4-year universities, colleges, elementary, middle and high schools, and language institutes, which have been online-only or online and classroom classes in parallel, will be converted to classroom classes from September 2021.

However, there are also cases where there are conditions for classroom class participants (1,2nd vaccination complete), so you need to check the school you want to attend.

Classroom classes for the new semester start in September 2021, but considering the situation of students who have difficulty entering Canada for various reasons, there are many cases where online classes are held concurrently or still only online classes are held. Please confirm and plan your departure.

Meanwhile, those who have completed the vaccination and have a student visa or student visa approval letter can enter Canada without self-isolation for 2 weeks.

From September 7, 2021, if you have completed the 1st and 2nd corona vaccine, you can enter Canada without self-isolation – for tourism purposes, including language training for 6 months or less

The Canadian federal government announced on July 19th that it has decided to significantly ease restrictions on foreigners entering the country.

This announcement is significant in that it marks the first border opening in 18 months since March last year.

Foreigners wishing to enter Canada for general visits and tourism purposes must be vaccinated with the 4 vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AZ, Johnson & Johnson) approved by the Ministry of Health Canada 2 weeks prior to entry, and must submit proof documents to the ArriveCAN application. do.

And you must have a negative corona test certificate issued within 72 hours of boarding the plane. Children under the age of 12 who have not completed vaccination can enter the country without quarantine for 2 weeks if accompanied by a parent.

According to this, entry to Canada for the purpose of language training for less than 6 months without a student visa has become possible only for those who have completed vaccination.

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