From October 1, 2022, all restrictions on entry to Canada due to COVID-19 will be lifted.

2022년 10월 1일부터 코로나 19 관련 캐나다 입국 제한조치 전면 해제

As of October 1, 2022, the Canadian federal government will lift all of the several COVID-19-related travel restrictions and obligations that have been in place so far.

From October 1st, all travelers entering Canada will no longer have to take measures such as submitting vaccination certificates and testing for COVID-19.

This measure applies to all overseas arrivals regardless of nationality.

The entry restrictions that will be completely lifted this time include the following:

- Submit information such as vaccination certificate to ArriveCAN before departure

- Random corona inspection at the arrival airport

- Monitoring and quarantine of corona symptoms after entry of unvaccinated persons

- Wearing a mask on the plane entering Canada

Now, all mandatory measures at the federal government level related to Corona 19 have been lifted in Canada, but quarantine regulations may differ depending on the situation of each state.

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