Federal Express Immigration (EE) 380 points selection on May 31st, followed by 368 points selection on June 10th

5월 31일 연방 급행이민 (EE) 380점 선발에 이은 6월 10일 368점 선발
Excluding the 75 points on February 22, the EE selection results for the experienced immigration (CEC) sector with the lowest score since the Federal Express Immigration (EE) system was created in January 2015 were recently announced again. Following the TR to PR temporary immigration program for the first 90,000 people that started on May 6, the first half of 2021 is expected to be recorded as a special period in the history of Canadian immigration when a series of unconventional events occurred.

Additional implementation of the TR to PR first-come, first-served program is also being considered, so this year can be said to be a golden opportunity for those who did not leave Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, if you have a 1-year full-time career in Canada at NOC B level or higher with a legal work visa status such as PGWP, Spouse Work Permit, or LMIA, many people will be lucky to be selected as EE.

Below are examples of recent EE candidates (singles).

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