Notes on applying for PGWP (Post-Graduation Work Visa) (2)

PGWP (졸업 후 취업비자) 신청 유의사항 (2)

On May 6th, applications for TR to PR Pathway, a first-come, first-served temporary immigration program for 90,000 people, began accepting applications, and the international student stream closed in just 25 hours. This was an opportunity like a gift from the Canadian government to graduates who graduated from colleges and universities in Canada and received PGWP to work.

PGWP is a very important basis not only for Express Entry (EE), which is currently the main method of immigration to Canada, but also for provincial immigration. In particular, given that one of the basic qualifications for this first-come, first-served international student stream was legal status to work right away, those who are about to graduate should pay special attention to the Q&A below to prepare for additional opportunities that may come again in the future.

Q. Issuance of the graduation confirmation letter from the school is being delayed. I want to apply for PGWP as soon as possible. What should I do?

A. To apply for PGWP, you need a graduation confirmation letter issued by the school and an official or unofficial transcript. Even if you have only one of these documents, you can apply for PGWP first and then update the rest of the documents. Unofficial Transcripts can be issued immediately after the final semester score comes out, so you can apply for PGWP from this point on.

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