2023 Summer Camp
2023 Summer Camp
2023 Summer Camp
2023 Summer Camp

2023 Summer Camp


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2023 Calgary English Summer Camp

Recruitment of 7th CYE English Camp

Camp Name : 2023 Summer English Camp in Calgary, Canada

Schedule: 4 weeks. 2023.07.23 to 2023.08.20

Target : Junior. Grade 4 ~ grade 6.

            Teen. Grade 7 ~ grade 10.

Location : Calgary, Canada

Accommodation : Management Dormitory type


Introduction to the Calgary English Summer Camp Program

A program tailored to my child!

A program with local children!

Camp to understand culture as well as learn English!

The most famous and popular camps in the region were selected for each field and designed for children.

I communicated with Canadian friends and enjoyed together, making local friends so that I could naturally embody English.

In addition to participating in the local camp, on weekends, tour Rocky Mountain to get closer to nature and strengthen your body and mind.

Writing an English diary before going to bed allows the camp to learn and remember, not just an experience.

Contact Us

1559-14 101ho, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 06649 

T : 010-8973-7124 / 02-830-8889

e-Mail : cye.info.6262@gmail.com

Kakao Talk ID : cyedu


For detailed schedule information, please refer to the website.

Don't take our word for it


I live in Calgary, but I didn't know there were so many different destinations in Calgary. Thanks to you, I got to know good tourist attractions and had delicious meals. Thank you.

Maria E

Canada, Calgary


Canada is a very nature-rich and peaceful country. I learned a lot about Canada through the trip. I think I will discuss immigration to Canada with my family.

Seongho Park

Korea, Seoul


The winter memories in Canada were so special and good. Thank you very much to making a wonderful trip to Canada.


USA, California

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