What is Family Sponsorship Immigration?

This is an immigration program that allows Canadian citizens/permanent residents to invite their family members. In order to invite family members such as spouse/common-law marriage, children, parents, grandparents, etc., the sponsor must prove that they can provide financial support for the livelihood of the invitee.

| Spouse (common-law marriage) / Immigration by children

Immigration by spouse / common-law marriage must be carried out in Canada if the inviter is a permanent resident, and can be carried out abroad if the inviter is a citizen. If applying within Canada, the applicant can apply for an Open Work Permit together, allowing them to legally work in Canada during the period of permanent residency.

Sponsor Qualifications
Permanent Residents/Citizens residing in Canada – Citizens residing outside of Canada must prove that the person inviting them intends to reside in Canada when they become permanent residents.
Not receiving Social Assistance from the government (except for disability pension)
Financial proof of ability to support
❥ Qualifications for invitees
In case of spouse/common-law marriage

Legally married spouse residing in Canada
In the case of common-law marriage, proof of relationship and cohabitation for more than 1 year

In case of children

unmarried children under the age of 22
– If you do not have the ability to stand on your own due to a disability, etc., you can also be 22 years old or older
| Immigration by Parents/Grandparents

Immigration by parents/grandparents is an immigration program operated by a random lottery system. In the case of parent/grandparent sponsorship, proof of the sponsor's income for the past 3 years must prove that the invitee will be financially responsible for 20 years after receiving permanent residency.

❥ Sponsor Qualifications
Permanent residents/citizens residing in Canada
Income/Financial Proof for the last 3 years

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This is an immigration program that allows Canadian citizens/permanent residents to invite their family members.