What is Express Entry Federal Immigration?

Express Entry (EE) is an online immigration procedure system introduced by the Canadian federal government in January 2015. Conditions such as age, career, education, English proficiency, adaptability, LMIA job offer or provincial nomination are converted into immigration points. It is operated by a point system that calculates the total and gives immigration qualifications. The Express Entry (EE) system has a score out of 1200, and permanent residency is approved through regular selection by the Immigration Office in the order of top ranking among applicants.

When applicants meet the application qualifications, they register their profile and are registered in the Express Entry System Pool, and among the applicants registered in the pool, applicants ranked in the score cut-off receive an invitation to apply for permanent residency called ITA (Invitation To Apply). you will receivea

Express Entry (EE) Program

There are three programs (CEC/FSW/FST) that can be applied with Express Entry, and if you meet the basic qualifications for one of these programs, you can register for the EE Pool.
Canadian Exprience Class
CEC Canada Experience Immigration
It is a program that can proceed if you have 1 year of Canadian experience working with a legal work permit within the last 3 years.
FSW Federal Skilled Workforce Immigration
You must have experience in the same occupation for one year out of the last 10 years, and it is a program that allows you to proceed with permanent residency even with experience outside of Canada.
FST Federal Skilled Immigration
It is only applicable to applicants who are in a technical position in the Canadian Occupational Classification Code NOC Code B Occupation, and it is a program that can be progressed with 2 years of experience in the same occupation within the last 5 years and a license or job offer (LMIA).

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EE Federal Immigration

Express Entry (EE) is a ranking system that gives immigration qualifications based on points by regular selection by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. 

PNP Provincial Immigration

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is an immigration program provided by each province of Canada in consideration of the economic situation or labor market. 

Pilot immigration

It refers to a temporary immigration program that, after implementing the immigration program for a certain period of time, determines whether to abolish/extend/convert to a regular immigration program.

Self Employed Immigration

Those who are active in sports, arts, and culture, individual entrepreneurs with farm management experience, or those who work as freelancers. This is the immigration method that is right for you

Immigration by family

This is an immigration program that allows Canadian citizens/permanent residents to invite their family members.