FSW (Federal Skilled Workforce Immigration Program)

FSW stands for Federal Skilled Workers Program and is one of the Express Entry (EE) programs. You must have experience in the same occupation for one year out of the last 10 years, and even if you do not have Canadian experience, you can apply for permanent residency with experience outside of Canada. For FSW, the basic minimum qualifications must be met first, and only for those who meet the minimum qualifications, the total sum of 6 items (language, education, career, age, job offer, adaptability) is 67 or higher This will enable support. Since it does not require Canadian experience, it is accessible to those who do not currently live in Canada or have no experience working in Canada, making it a more attractive program for those living in Korea.

| FSW Minimum Qualifications (Primary)
1. Career
Canadian or non-Canadian experience Requires 1 year of full-time experience within the last 10 years.

Must complete a total of 1,560 hours of work experience equivalent to 30 hours or more per week for one year
* There must be no career gap in the middle
* It is also acceptable to fill 1,560 hours with part-timers (e.g., 15 hours a week for 2 years, 2 part-time jobs for 15 hours each for a total of 1 year of experience, etc.)
*More than 30 hours a week is not recognized by the Immigration Service. In other words. You cannot apply for permanent residency in advance by completing 1,560 hours within one year.

Must have paid experience
* Unpaid internships or volunteer work experience are not accepted.

Experience acquired while studying on a student visa (co-op, off-campus work permit) is also recognized.
* Must have paid experience, and gaps in the middle of experience will not be recognized
* NOC 0, A, B (manager, professional, technical) occupational experience only recognized
* Must have experience in the same occupation (same NOC code)

2. Education

high school graduate
* For degrees outside of Canada, only overseas degrees certified by ECA (Education Credential Assessment), a professional evaluation agency, are certified.

3. Language (English/French)

CLB7 or higher for each item

4. Proof of Funds

As a process to ensure that you have enough assets to settle in Canada, you must prove that you meet the set amount of assets according to the number of your family.
* If you are legally working in Canada or have received a job offer (LMIA), proof of finances is not a requirement.

* Must be calculated by including all immediate family members (including those who have Canadian permanent residency/citizenship or do not live together in Canada)

| 6 evaluation items of FSW (Six Selection Factors / 2nd)
If the above minimum qualifications for career, education, language, and financial evidence are met, secondarily, for 6 evaluation items (language, education, experience, age, job offer, adaptability), FSW's own score calculation method You need to calculate your score. At this time, the total score for these 6 items must be 67 or higher out of 100 to be eligible to apply for EE in this category. In other words, even if the minimum qualifications for FSW are met, it is impossible to apply for EE in the FSW category if the score for these 6 items does not exceed 67 points.

❥ How to calculate the score for the 6 evaluation items
1. Language Skills / Language (maximum 28 points)
CLB 7: 4 points for each category (total of 16 points)
CLB 8: 5 points for each item (total of 20 points)
CLB 9: 6 points for each item (total 24 points)

The language score must be at least CLB 7, which is the minimum qualification for FSW, and you can choose between English and French. If you have scores in both languages, you will receive 4 additional points. (However, in order to receive additional points, Second Language must be at least CLB 5 or higher)

2. Education / Academic background (up to 25 points)
High School Graduation: 5 points
Graduation from a one-year college program: 15 points
Graduation from a two-year college program: 19 points
Graduation from a 3+ year university program: 21 points
Graduation from two or more university programs: 22 points
Qualified university degree (lawyer, pharmacist, etc.) or master's degree: 23 points
PhD: 25 points
If you graduated from a school outside of Canada, you must verify your academic background because only the degree certified by an academic accreditation body is recognized.

3. Work Experience / Experience (maximum 15 points)
1 year experience: 9 points
2-3 years experience: 11 points
4-5 years experience: 13 points
More than 6 years experience: 15 points

Only experience within the last 10 years is recognized, and must be NOC 0, A, B job experience.

For the FSW program, a job offer does not count towards the basic minimum qualifications, but it is an additional point item that cannot be overlooked to achieve the 67 point mark. To receive job offer points, you must meet at least one of the conditions below.

If you are currently working in NOC 0, A, B occupations with a work visa obtained through LMIA in Canada
If you have obtained a work visa through an FTA or NAFTA system that does not require an LMIA application and have worked full-time for more than one year
If you do not currently hold a work visa, but your employer has obtained an LMIA in your name for a NOC 0, A or B occupation
6. Adaptability (up to 10 points)
The Adaptability Score is a process that determines how well an applicant will adapt to life in Canada. There are several points, but only up to 10 points can be recognized.

Spouse's language (English/French) score of CLB 4 or higher: 5 points
Two or more years of high school or university education in Canada: 5 points
If your spouse has completed at least two years of high school or university education in Canada: 5 points
If you have worked in Canada for more than 1 year in a NOC 0, A, or B job category: 10 points
If your spouse has worked full-time in Canada for 1 year or more: 5 points
If you have a job offer in Canada: 5 points
For parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles who are permanent residents/citizens of Canada: 5 points
*Note: Scores for these 6 items are only for determining whether you qualify for FSW according to the FSW program's own score calculation method, and are not added to the CRA score when applying for EE.