[Winter] With Via Rail - 8 days Vacation
[Winter] With Via Rail - 8 days Vacation

[Winter] With Via Rail - 8 days Vacation

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  Day 1   Vancouver

Upon arrival at Vancouver Airport, meet up with your guide

Go to Downtown Vancouver

Vancouver Downtown Tour (*Depending on local circumstances, some downtown tours may be conducted as car window tours.)

The largest Chinatown in North America after San Francisco

► Old-fashioned European gastown in modern Vancouver

Stanley Park, a haven for Vancouverites

Vancouver's landmark sailboat-shaped building Canada Place


Inclusive Tourism

❖ Flyover Canada

Sit in a chair that moves freely and face a 20m long 4D screen, a thrilling and vivid experience as if you are exploring Canada's great nature in a helicopter.

-> After sightseeing, head south to Vancouver


❖ Camilano Suspension Bridge

Vancouver's largest forest ranch and rainforest

As a forest bathing area built in Capilano Canyon, the treacherous stepping stones that cross the valley and the TREE TOPS that connect trees increase the pleasure of forest bathing and the newly installed CLIFF WALK allows you to experience the thrill. -> Dinner after sightseeing (special Korean food)

-> Transfer to the hotel, stay and rest


  Day 2   Vancouver

breakfast -> Go to Granville Island

❖  Tour Granville Island

The most beloved area for Canadians, the 1970s grimy factory district has been reborn as an attractive commercial district, filled with breweries, public markets, craft shops and sidewalk cafes.

-> Go to Vancouver Via Rail Station (Take Via Rail to Edmonton)

------------ Vancouver ➢ Edmonton Transfer: Via Rail Train Accommodation ------------

  Day 3   Via Rail ➢ Edmonton

18:50 Meet up with guide after arriving at Edmonton Station

Transfer to the hotel, stay and rest

  Day 4   Edmonton ➢ Calgary ➢ Banff

Departure from hotel after breakfast-> Edmonton Downtown Tour -> Car window tours such as the Alberta Capitol -> Go to Calgary -> Lunch -> Move to Banff along Highway No. 1 that runs through the Canadian continent from east to west.

*Banff: A place designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in its original state.

❖ Sulfa Mountain Gondola

Ride the gondola up to 2,281M and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Rockies -> Dinner -> Free time and rest after hotel check-in

  Day 5  Banff ➢ Lake Louise ➢ Yoho National Park ➢ Banff

After breakfast at the hotel, meet the guide
go to lake Louise

* Lake Louise: UNESCO designated World Heritage Site and called the 'Pearl' of the Rockies

-------------------- Free time in Lake Louise -------------------

One of the world's top 10 scenic spots and 'Lake Louise' called the Pearl of the Rocky Mountains
Tour the Chateau Lake Louise Hotel, one of the hotels you want to stay at least once before you die

Recommended Activity

1. Ice skating (skating fun in Lake Louise)
2. Afternoon Tea (Enjoy a cup of tea at the Chateau Lake Louise Hotel)
* Free tour or guide will help you make a reservation on site.

Prime Recommended Optional Tour Lists
1. Dog sledding - CS250/person (based on 2 people) / 1 hour 30 minutes
2. Horse carriage - CS65/person / 45 minutes ~ 1 hour

Included Tour: Snowshoeing at Lake Louise 
*May be changed to Johnston Canyon or snowshoeing area
Also, if it is difficult to proceed due to weather or local circumstances, Hoodoos Trail or Minnewanka & It will be replaced with a two-jack lake tour.

After sightseeing, move to Yoho National Park, one of the three major national parks in the Canadian Rockies.

Included tour: Banff Upper Hot Springs 
Outdoor hot spring bath Relieve the fatigue of the day in the mineral-rich, well-being sulfur hot spring bath at Banff Upper Hot Springs After sightseeing, check-in at the hotel, free time and relaxation

  Day 6   Banff ➢ Calgary Airport ➢ Yellowknife ➢ Destination

호텔 조식
-> 터널 마운틴 드라이브를 따라 밴프 스프링스 호텔의 전경을 자랑하는 서프라이즈 코너 관광
-> 약 120년 역사를 자랑하는 국립공원 최고의 자랑인 밴프 스프링스 호텔 관광
-> 마릴린 몬로가 '돌아오지 않는 강'을 찍은 보우폭포
관광 후 알버타 주 최고 장수마을 캔모어로 이동하여 간단한 쇼핑
쇼핑 : KANATA HEALTH [캔모어 - 건강식품(아사이베리, 마키베리, 만나, 로얄제리 등), 육포, 빙청 간단한 쇼핑 후 선택관광
선택관광 : 로키 헬기 - Cs180/인

관광 후 1988년 동계 올림픽 공원인 C.O.P를 관망하며, 캘거리로 이동 후 중식 -> 캘거리 공항 -> 옐로우나이프 행 비행기 탑승 -> 옐로우 나이프 공항에 도착하여 가이드 미팅 -> 호텔로 이동하여 자유시간 후
오로라 관람 장소로 출발하여 약2시간~3시간반 동안 오로라 관람

-> 오로라 관람 후 호텔 이동 및 투숙 및 휴식

 Day 7   Yellowknife

City tour of Yellowknife, famous for its aurora borealis (approximately 2 hours)

Introduction to Downtown and Old Town, Northwest Territory Government House, The Rock Pilot Monument, Great Slave Lake, Price of Wales Museum (Itinerary subject to change depending on local circumstances)

After a free day, depart for the aurora viewing site -> Aurora viewing for about 2-3 hours -> Rest after returning to the hotel

 Day 8   Yellowknife

morning free time


Enjoy the scenery on an ATV driven by a well-trained dog -> Rest after returning to the hotel

  Day 9   Yellowknife ➢ Destination

After meeting the guide at the agreed time, move to Yellowknife Airport and disband at your destination.


Don't take our word for it


I live in Calgary, but I didn't know there were so many different destinations in Calgary. Thanks to you, I got to know good tourist attractions and had delicious meals. Thank you.

Maria E

Canada, Calgary


Canada is a very nature-rich and peaceful country. I learned a lot about Canada through the trip. I think I will discuss immigration to Canada with my family.

Seongho Park

Korea, Seoul


The winter memories in Canada were so special and good. Thank you very much to making a wonderful trip to Canada.


USA, California

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