[Summer] Canada Rocky Tour - 5 Days Trip
[Summer] Canada Rocky Tour - 5 Days Trip
[Summer] Canada Rocky Tour - 5 Days Trip
[Summer] Canada Rocky Tour - 5 Days Trip
[Summer] Canada Rocky Tour - 5 Days Trip
[Summer] Canada Rocky Tour - 5 Days Trip
[Summer] Canada Rocky Tour - 5 Days Trip
[Summer] Canada Rocky Tour - 5 Days Trip

[Summer] Canada Rocky Tour - 5 Days Trip

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Fully conquered Canadian Rockies within 1 hour from Calgary
Minimum number of departures is 4 people

What is included What is not included
  • Korean guide
  • Vehicle per person
  • previous itinerary hotel
  • Meals included in itinerary
  • Guide article tip (S15/D per person) EX) 3 days 2 nights, $45 per person
  • Meals not included in itinerary
  • Meal tip (10-15% of meal value per meal)
  • optional tour
  • travel insurance
  • airline ticket

 Day 1 Calgary ➢ Waterton Peace National Park ➢ Calgary

Guide meeting (Meeting: 9:00 am, in front of Calgary Domestic Flight Gate 12) -> Move to the lunch place -> Lunch (Korean food)

* Customers who arrive in advance with a local join product, please rest near the gate and gather at 12:00.

-> Meet up -> Travel south of Alberta along Highway 2, which crosses the length of Alberta.

-> Via Pincher Creek, go to Waterton National Park, a new discovery in Alberta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site


❖ Waterton - Glacier International Peace Park (US name: Glacier National Park) Tour of Waterton Lake ❖
Passing through Nenton, a laid-back rural town in Canada, to Waterton Lakes National Park on the border between Alberta, Canada and Montana, USA.


- Red Rock Canyon, another attraction of a canyon made of red rocks

- Prince Wales Hotel located on a hill overlooking Waterton Lake

- Tour of Cameron Falls, falling from the stratum created by erosion over a long period of time

-> After lunch (local food or packed lunch), move to the selected tourist destination

❖ Optional Tours: Exotic cruises that cross the border of Montana, a U.S. territory ❖

 Adult: $85/P, Child: $45/P

(Estimated operating period: May 1st - October 2nd)


Cruise on Waterton Lake, located on the border of Montana, USA and Alberta, Canada!

Return to Calgary after sightseeing -> Move to dinner place -> Dinner (Korean food) -> Transfer to hotel -> Rest



  Day 2 Calgary ➢ Heritage Park ➢ Banff  

Breakfast -> Guide meeting -> Move to Heritage Park where you can experience the authentic charm of Western Canada


❖ Heritage Park Village ❖
(Operating period: May 16th - October 11th)


It is a themed park where you can tour buildings built before 1914 on foot or by steam train. Four of them include a fur trading fort and a native Canadian village in the 1860s, the introduction of the railroad in the 1880s, a prairie railroad village in the 1920s, and a heritage plaza in the 1930s. Travel back in time at this dog-themed theme park.

-> Sightseeing -> Go to the airport and join the customers -> Go to the lunch place -> Lunch (Korean food) -> Downtown nuclear meal window tour

- Calgary Tower, the landmark of Calgary

-Staff AVE loved as a MUST VISIT PLACE by all tourists around the world

- Calgary's Hippest Places 17 AVE and Kensington Market

- Stampede Park and Saddle Dome where the annual Stampede Festival is held from all over the world

- Prince Island and Eau Claire Market, a resting place for Calgary residents and where cultural performances are held

* Tour of Calgary is done through a car window, and depending on the traffic congestion or time of each attraction, time is given to take pictures after stopping.

-> Move to Banff, Canada's first national park


❖ Canada's first national park Banff National Park ❖


You can enjoy the beauty of unspoilt nature in the town of Banff, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tour to the heart of Banff after sightseeing
- Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, a castle hotel with a history of more than 100 years
- Bow Falls, the filming location of 'The River of No Return' starring Marilyn Monroe


After bathing in the hot spring, go to the dinner place -> free dinner -> transfer to the hotel -> check-in and rest



  Day 3 Banff ➢ Johnston Canyon ➢ Peyto ➢ Icefield ➢ Jasper ➢ Hinton

Guide meeting -> Breakfast -> Move to Johnston Canyon, a spot loved by locals throughout the 4 seasons


❖ Johnston canyon Lower Falls forest bathing ❖


As the only canyon in Banff National Park, it is one of the most popular attractions for locals and Rockies tourists.


-> Go to Peyto Lake after light forest bathing to Lower Falls -> Sightseeing


❖ Peyto Lake ❖

17dee3aeb48d0ee5fb6f8153c948f498_1671421246_1569.jpgAs the glacier melts, it carries various minerals with it and collects them in the lake, making the lake a different color throughout the four seasons.


Tour of the lake -> Move to lunch place along Highway 93 where you can enjoy the scenery of all four seasons among the roads in the national park -> Lunch (local food) -> Arrive at Icefield -> Optional tour


❖ Optional Tour: Experience the glacier on a snowmobile ❖

Adult: C$ 80/P, Child: C$ 40/P

(Estimated operating period: May 1st - October 14th)   17dee3aeb48d0ee5fb6f8153c948f498_1671421289_1372.jpg

Ride on one of only 23 special snowmobiles in the world designed exclusively for backcountry exploration.

After about 20 minutes of free time on the Athabasca Glacier with an ice thickness of 300m

Sightseeing around Athabasca Valley Glacier, Snow Dome Glacier, Athabasca Mountain, etc.


Optional tour and lunch -> Go to the beautiful Athabasca Falls, which means 'flowing reed forest' in the Cree language, and tour and forest



It is not the tallest waterfall with a height of 23M, but it is famous as the most powerful waterfall in the Canadian Rockies. You can walk easily with a simple EASY COURSE, and there are many VIEW POINTs that are good for taking pictures.


-> Sightseeing -> Free dinner at Jasper Town and Hinton -> Transfer to hotel -> Check-in and rest

* HOTEL: Hinton CRESTWOOD HOTEL or equivalent

  Day 4 Hinton ➢ Merlin Lake ➢ Jasper ➢ Hinton 

Guide meeting -> Breakfast -> Move to Madison Lake, also known as the disappearing lake -> Lake appreciation and forest bathing


❖ Medicine Lake ❖


It is a lake that exists only in summer, when the glacier melts in summer to form a lake, and then the water gradually drains away, revealing the bottom in autumn.


-> Admire the lake -> Go to Merlin Lake, the largest lake in Jasper and the largest lake in the Rockies -> Admire the lake and optional tours


❖ Optional Tour: Maligne with Cruise, $85/adult, $45/child ❖

(Operating period: May 30th - October 10th)


Take a cruise in Merlin Lake and visit Spirit Island, also known as the Spirit Island.


-> Appreciating the lake and optional tour -> Lunch (Korean or local food) -> Move to Jascher Town -> Tour the charming Jasper Town and tour the lake


❖ Pyramid Lake | Patricia Lake ❖


-> Lake Tour -> Go to the top of the mountain and go to the optional cable car tour where you can see the city of Jasper at a glance

❖ Optional Tour: JASPER SKY TRAM $60/adult, $40/child❖

(Operating period: March 20th - October 31st)


Located 10 minutes from Jasper Town, it is the longest and highest cable car in Canada at 2,263M.

All sides are made of glass, so you can feel the overall nature of the Rocky as it is.

When you arrive at the top, there are observation decks on both sides of the tram platform, so you can see the mountains and lakes.

You can see Pyramid Lake, Patricia Lake, Cabin Lake, and Caledonian Lake.


-> Optional sightseeing -> Go to dinner place -> Free dinner -> Go to hotel -> Rest

* HOTEL: Hinton CRESTWOOD HOTEL or equivalent


Day 5 Hinton ➢ Maligne Canyon ➢ Lake Louise ➢ Canmore ➢ Calgary


Guide meeting -> Breakfast -> After moving to Jasper Town and Maligne Canyon where you can enjoy the red cliffs and charming waterfalls, enjoy


❖ Maligne Canyon ❖


After sightseeing, go to Lake Louise, one of the world's unexplored places designated by UNESCO, and enjoy forest bathing and lunch.

❖ Optional Tour: 'Lake Louise' called the Pearl of Rocky Mountain and gondola experience ❖

Adult: $65/P, Child: $40/P
(Estimated operating period: April 15th - October 7th)


-> Sightseeing -> Simple shopping after moving to Canmore, the best longevity town in Alberta
*Shopping: KANATA HEALTH Glyco Nutrients, Royal Jelly, Maqui Berry, Ice Cream, etc.

-> Go to the airport through the window of the C.O.P where the 1988 Winter Olympiad was held

Private dinner -> transfer to hotel -> check-in and rest


* HOTEL: Calgary HOTEL CLIQUE or equivalent


  Day 6 Drop off in Calgary  

Hotel breakfast -> Airport transfer -> Individual drop off

[For the airport shuttle, the guide will help you reserve the time the evening before, and the hotel check-out time is before 11:00 am.]


Don't take our word for it


I live in Calgary, but I didn't know there were so many different destinations in Calgary. Thanks to you, I got to know good tourist attractions and had delicious meals. Thank you.

Maria E

Canada, Calgary


Canada is a very nature-rich and peaceful country. I learned a lot about Canada through the trip. I think I will discuss immigration to Canada with my family.

Seongho Park

Korea, Seoul


The winter memories in Canada were so special and good. Thank you very much to making a wonderful trip to Canada.


USA, California

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