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Chuyến đi trượt tuyết Banff

This year's spring, summer, and fall, play golf while looking at the nature of Rocky, Canada! Clean air, warm sunlight, and cool wind provide the perfect environment for playing golf. Give yourself the best gift of golf in Canada!

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Thank you for finishing the trip well. I'm happy to leave a good memory. I think it will be remembered for a long time in my heart.

Mrs. Kang

Korea, Seoul


It must have been hard for you to take care of my naughty son. When I travel to Canada again next time, I want to travel through C&K.

Mrs. Lee

Korea, Daegu


The winter memories in Canada were so special and good. Thank you very much to making a wonderful trip to Canada.


USA, California


Canada is a very nature-rich and peaceful country. I learned a lot about Canada through the trip. I think I will discuss immigration to Canada with my family.

Seongho Park

Korea, Seoul


I live in Calgary, but I didn't know there were so many different destinations in Calgary. Thanks to you, I got to know good tourist attractions and had delicious meals. Thank you.

Maria E

Canada, Calgary

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