Nhập cư theo chương trình dành cho người tự kinh doanh là gì?

This is an immigration method suitable for those who are active in the fields of sports, arts, and culture, individual entrepreneurs with farm management experience, or those who work as freelancers. In particular, winners of the Olympics or international competitions can access immigration more easily through this program.

| Characteristics of self-employed immigration
Self-Employed Immigration to Canada is a program that allows you to enter Korea with permanent residency approval if you meet the qualifications. No basic investment is required, but you must submit a business plan to maintain your business as an employer in the same industry after settling in Canada. Since the immigration examiner reviews the business plan based on the business plan, thorough preparation of the business plan and proof of experience in the related field are required. In the case of Quebec, you must bring at least $100,000 along with an intention to reside in Quebec.

| Self-Employed Immigration Application Conditions
At least 2 years of self-employment experience within the last 5 years in the relevant occupation
Artists/Sportsperson: Experience in participating in world-class competitions
Agricultural Immigration: Experience of running a farm for more than 2 years
Self-Employed Qualifying Score: 35 or higher out of 100 total
Proof of ability to contribute to Canada's economy after immigrating to Canada
Have enough money to support your family

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EE Federal Immigration

Express Entry (EE) is a ranking system that gives immigration qualifications based on points by regular selection by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

PNP Provincial Immigration

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is an immigration program provided by each province of Canada in consideration of the economic situation or labor market.

Pilot immigration

It refers to a temporary immigration program that, after implementing the immigration program for a certain period of time, determines whether to abolish/extend/convert to a regular immigration program through evaluation.

Self Employed Immigration

Those who are active in sports, arts, and culture, individual entrepreneurs with farm management experience, or those who work as freelancers.


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