[Winter Aurora Village] Yellowknife Aurora - 2 Days Trip

[Winter Aurora Village] Yellowknife Aurora - 2 Days Trip


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The Aurora of light from Nature

Practice your aurora travel bucket list with travel packages prepared by C&K World Tour

Located at 62.5 degrees north latitude, where the Aurora Oval is created, Yellowknife is famous for having the brightest aurora light.

Yellowknife, which is better for aurora observation, with flat terrain without mountains and seas around 1,000km

The Yellowknife Aurora Tour departs at any time from November to April for 2 or more people.

All schedules of Korean guides are in progress!!!

1st place in Aurora Tour satisfaction

  Day 1   Departure Airport ➢ Yellowknife (Aurora Village)

7:00-9:00 PM Arrive at Thermal Knife Airport and look for the Aurora Welcome sign with my name on it.
* Airport Arrival Time: Must be between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM.

* WINTER Tour ONLY: Pre-applied winter clothing and winter shoes will now be delivered to each hotel room. Returns will be returned to the guide after the last aurora viewing.

20:00 Transfer to hotel and free time

21:00 Departure to the aurora viewing site and observe the aurora for about 2 to 3 and a half hours

❖ Aurora Village

(For on-site optional tour reservations, OFFICE ☎︎ 1-867-445-6502)

Since its opening in November 2000, Aurora Village is a representative business that has grown into the best aurora tourist attraction in Thermal Knife.
We consider it our mission to share the heritage, culture, and traditions of the indigenous people of the Northwest through Aurora Village, and we conduct tours that can satisfy all customers with confidence based on our rich experience and knowledge.

❖ Unique features of Aurora Village

- Pick-up according to flight time when arriving at Thermal Knife Airport and airport drop-off upon return
- Welcome pack for all customers (Aurora village certificate, Aurora Village original postcard, mini flashlight, Yellowknife brochure, etc.)
- Shuttle bus for aurora viewing and customer safety service through 24-hour hotline

1:30 Return to hotel, free time


  Day 2   Yellowknife (Aurora Village)

Full day free schedule
❖ Aurora Village optional tour

1. Dog sledding: $95/P

2. Snowshoeing: $95/P

3. Drive your own Dog Team: $95/P

4. Winter Activities Combo: $140/P

5. ICE-FISHING : $115 / P (January ~ April ONLY)
If you choose 2 of the above optional tours on the same day, total $150 per person for 2 (excluding ICE-FISHING)

22:00 Departure to the aurora viewing spot and observe the aurora for about 2 to 3 and a half hours.

1:00 Return to hotel and free time


  Day 3   Yellowknife ➢ Drop off at destination

After morning hotel PICK-UP guide meeting, transfer to Yellowknife Airport
disband to destination

Don't take our word for it


I live in Calgary, but I didn't know there were so many different destinations in Calgary. Thanks to you, I got to know good tourist attractions and had delicious meals. Thank you.

Maria E

Canada, Calgary


Canada is a very nature-rich and peaceful country. I learned a lot about Canada through the trip. I think I will discuss immigration to Canada with my family.

Seongho Park

Korea, Seoul


The winter memories in Canada were so special and good. Thank you very much to making a wonderful trip to Canada.


USA, California

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